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VIVOTEK IP surveillance cameras deployed at New Borovaya Residential Project, Belarus

VIVOTEK, the global IP surveillance provider, has deployed its IP surveillance cameras in the residential project “New Borovaya,” constructed by A-100 Development, one of the largest developers of residential and commercial real estate in Belarus. This deployment has been carried out by long-standing distributor DataStream DEP, and has successfully put into action the high-quality products and brand value of VIVOTEK.  

On land with a total area of more than 100 hectares, a whole district is being actively developed in line with the most modern European trends of improved urban living environments.

Based on the principle of SMART and SOCIAL, the “New Borovaya” project is one of the most innovative and upscale developments in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. In order to ensure public safety and protect private property, А-100 Development pays special attention to the security of the huge residential complex.  

Bullet network cameras 

To meet the demanding requirements of the project, including high-quality imagery, reliable equipment from a global brand, excellent technical characteristics and optimal price, the distributor DataStream DEP had complete confidence in recommending VIVOTEK’s IP surveillance solutions.  

VIVOTEK is honoured to have this decade-long strategic partnership with A-100 Development

VIVOTEK’s IB8369A and IB8367A bullet-type network cameras were selected for video surveillance of streets, playgrounds and outdoor parking, while the FD8369A-V dome type cameras were chosen for the entrances of residential buildings.

A single data transmission network has been built at the facility, which unites all cameras and provides easy-access to any camera.  

Surveillance solutions 

Commenced in 2014, development of the “New Borovaya” project will last for 10 years. In the first two quarters, solutions based on VIVOTEK IP surveillance cameras were implemented, the success of which has led developer А-100 Development to proudly place VIVOTEK solutions in its marketing materials, and confidently declare the reliability of this brand during both operation and for further cooperation. 

VIVOTEK is honoured to have this decade-long strategic partnership with A-100 Development and looks forward to providing its latest surveillance solutions again in the near future.  

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